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Welcome to David Pawson’s Online Teaching Library – We are sorry but we are experiencing a few technical difficulties – If there are any talks which you cannot play please email us at the address below and we will send you an alternative link see below

Welcome to David Pawson’s online teaching library. The aim of this website is to make all of David’s teachings available freely worldwide via the internet. More messages will be added over time. All recordings continue to be available on CD and DVD from David’s distibutors across the globe—click on Distributors above for more details. If you’re in the UK, and to order online click here.

David is pleased to offer you free access to his teaching library but his ministry is not without cost. If you have been blessed by David’s talks we invite you to be a partner in his ministry through your financial support of our work, including the current task of transcribing and translating the teachings into Mandarin, Russian and Latin American languages — click here to make a donation. Thank you and may our Lord bless you!

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NEW!  Unlocking the New Testament with Spanish Audio now available here
NEW!  Unlocking the New Testament with Chinese Subtitles and Audio now available here   中文字幕和影音
NEW!  Unlocking the Old Testament  with Chinese Subtitles and Audio now available  here   中文字幕和影音

Davids 2013 Recording – ”Christ and Christmas?” –  For an example of a modern day INN ‘click here’


If there are any talks you cannot access please email us on and we will send you alternative links. Thank you for your understanding.


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